Parisian Bread: How to make perfect "baguettes" with talent!

Mon pain

Yes, this is MY bread, I baked it myself :)

What's most "Life Style" in Paris than french stick, "une bonne baguette"? Except "les croissants", of course... but these are so difficult to cook, I will not try again.

I am used to bake every days since a few years. So many friends asked me to teach them... I thought the best way was to propose a video, homemade.

At least you'll watch two videos, because there are two stages: preparing the flour, and baking

Bon appétit !


First: preparing the flour. All you need: 1Kg wheat, some salt, some sugar, water, fresh yeast... and a kitchen noisy aid aswell! (vintage -old fashioned- english Kendwood Chef here)

YouTube Preview Image

Second stage: how to bake. So simple! 22 minutes in oven

YouTube Preview Image
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