Parisian Bread: How to make perfect "baguettes" with talent!

Mon pain

Yes, this is MY bread, I baked it myself :) What's most "Life Style" in Paris than french stick, "une bonne baguette"? Except "les croissants", of course... but these are so difficult to cook, I will not try again. I am used to bake every days since a few years....

M&O PARIS International home-fashion show – January 24-28, 2014

Fauteuil relax "MAX" Moïse Studio, VIA 2014 / MAISON & OBJET Janvier 2014 (Photo M. Cozanet 2014)

Art of living, decoration concepts for urban and contemporary decoration, unique pieces and singular craftsmanship by designers, artisans and artists : a new voyage to the reference event! Our selection in 5 photos, more than 100 in our slideshow below!    

Tour Paris 13: openning show!

Uriginal (Espagne) - Tour Paris 13 - Expo Street Art éphémère octobre 2013, Paris(Photo M. Cozanet 2013)

As announced in the previous post, the greatest street art event of the year is now open!   Tour Paris 13 will deeply plunge you into creation phantasmagoria     All informations about the show and slideshow of live street art in Paris are in previous post (this is the...

Tour Paris 13, Street Art Event in Paris, October 2013

C215 (Christian Guémy) - Vitry sur Seine, France(Photo M. Cozanet 2013)

 There was an old building, deteriorating along the Seine, abandonned since a long time. Crossing the river, it was impossible to ignore this gigantic fluorescent orange droplet, dripping from the top of the 9 levels block of flats.   "Tour Paris 13" is the biggest street art show ever organized....

Maison&Objet Home Fashion Trade Show in Paris - Fall / Winter 2013 Inspirations

Vases "Sister Louise", "Sister Sofia" et "Sister Helen" design Pepa Reverter pour Bosa

Sept.2013 Edition of Maison&Objet Trade Fair in Paris, France - Full Inspiration for Home Fashion Maison&Objet is the biannual greatest trade exhibition for home furnitures and accessories in France. Fall/Winter 2013 session main purpose was to give us Energy and Light to help us accept summer went away...   Inspirations...

Crochet's trophies by Magda Van Der Vloed


A beautiful floral moose and an adorable crochet kudu designed by South African designer Magda van der Vloed, revealed themselves as fascinating sculptures that capture the imagination. Poetic interpretation of nature This happy mix of wire and recycled plastic bags give life to these animal trophies, which manifested itself as...

Maison&Objet Home Fashion Trade Show in Paris – Spring Summer 2012 Collections


Maison&Objet... 2012/2013 Trends in Pictures! (=> latest news, and trends of course, from M&O are here!) ©photo M. Cozanet / Un je ne sais quoi-Déco (Janv.2012) Maison & Objet Showcase suggested us a completely mad trends track! Maison&Objet Observer unveil us 2012/2013 tendancies in a singular journey, subtle and sometime...

Vintage hifi @ home

Ditton 44 + Akaï AP-206C Turntable = nirvana Could you find better equipment to get back to 70's sound? Abbey road Beatles studio used these Celestion Ditton, and you can now afford them for less than €500 (easy to find in England, but also in France and other countries around)...

New store opening in Paris, Boutique Merci, 111 bd Beaumarchais

Boutique Merci, Paris

Bienvenue Chez « Merci » The new fashion concept store in Paris, France We are pleased to let you visit this new "boutique" everyone talks about ! (diaporama (c) Cozanet Un je ne sais quoi Déco 2009) Un je ne sais quoi Déco, the french New life style magazine !